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The perfect CMS for web designers

We are absolutely aspiring to be the perfect CMS (content management system) for designers and design agencies. We believe we are already well on the way to achieving that goal, and in many ways we have already achieved it, but to be the best in every way and to be 'perfect' we know there are things we still need to do - and even then we will have to continue working hard to remain on that pedestal.

Perhaps the main reason we are confident we can achieve our goal is that we are absolutely building the system and our business model in the right way, and in a better way than the competition. Quite simply we consider ourselves an equal partner with each design agency we work with, and as such a partnership should be, we are constantly listening to what all our web design partners are saying to ensure we add appropriate additional features.

Even more importantly, we share all monthly (hosting/support) fees with you 50:50. There's no set up fees for you to begin working with us (why should there be, it just doesn't make any sense!), or any other hidden fees, there are no changing fees as you bring on board more client websites, no gimicky free (and very basic and pointless) first few websites, quite simply once you have a client who requires a content managed website then we can provide a quote for programming and integrating the website, and we then recommend appropriate ongoing monthly fees but the final figure charged to the client is up to you (and we then split these ongoing monthly fees 50:50).

We are here to be your programming department for any and every scenario, so you can confidently approach any website project knowing that you can absolutely handle anything because you have our support. In our experience 90% of websites are appropriate to add into our CMS system and then the final 10% tend to be better suited to a bespoke solution. We can guide you on the most appropriate approach to every project, and we are there to provide full support throughout the project.

Given we can develop bespoke solutions for you too, we won't try to push you to using our CMS in any given situation, often we can provide you and your clients with two quotes, one for a solution using our CMS (which is invariably significantly cheaper given the benefits of using all the pre-existing features in the system), as well as a bespoke solution, and almost always the client then goes for the cheaper (and better) solution using our CMS but they had to go through the process of seeing both options in order to reach that decision.

Think of us as your programming team that sits across the office from you... except that we are actually in a separate office... although given all the different communication options these days (Skype, etc) it can still feel pretty much like we're in the same office anyway.

We don't do any design work in-house, when clients approach us we direct them to one of our design agency partners, the most appropriate depending on location and the client's design requirements, and this is likely to increase as we are now actively promoting and marketing the system both online and through traditional means.

The team behind Webi CMS have been working with design and marketing agencies for nearly 10 years, and Webi CMS itself has been powering design agency websites for the last 6 years, so we absolutely have the experience you need, and can provide the reassurance your clients will need.

We know we are well on track to our goal of having the perfect CMS for web designers due to feedback from all of our existing design partners but we will keep working hard to get better and better!

You're very welcome to get in touch to introduce yourself and you can contact us in a number of ways including live chat, telephone and email - take a look at our CMS for web designers page for all the options, and we look forward to working with you soon!