An exceptional system with a special focus.

WebiCMS is a high quality, enterprise level, content management system developed by the dedicated team at Webigence with a special focus on the B2B and eCommerce sectors.


WebiCMS has been developed since 2004 and now powers hundreds of websites. We know our CMS system inside out, so if you have a bespoke requirement we are absolutely confident we can create this for you (in comparison to an open source developer who will have to try and find a plugin to fit a client’s needs).

  • Andy Hayler's Restaurant Guide

    Andy Hayler, a freelance restaurant critic, came to Webigence with the challenge to re-design and build his new website, incorporating the information from both his previous website and his three star Michelin restaurant site with a lot of complex data. Using WebiCMS we greatly improved the search facilities, historical viewing and responsiveness for mobile and tablet devices.


    “I feel confident that the new site not only looks good, but that it is based on the solid and secure infrastructure of WebiCMS, with predictable and improved performance. I am already planning the next set of functional enhancements, confident that the new site has sound foundations.” Andy Hayler
  • Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES)

    Containing over a thousand different adult education courses, three backend databases with live course information being fed into the frontend of the website, an advanced search facility and a mega drop-down menu made this website a complex project that WebiCMS could handle with ease. The client loved it, receiving a standing ovation when presented to the board of Governors.


    “I found the back office management system of WebiCMS easy to understand and the integration with our own data system here on our server means that we have ultimate control over the data, which uploads overnight to reflect data changes on our database.”  Jonathan Rhodes Marketing and Communications Manager, WAES
  • Barrett Clark Recruitment

    Specialising in placing 'the best talent in the best companies' the functionality of WebiCMS was utilised to program multiple link ups with the data between the Barrett Clark team members, job sectors and blog entries in the best possible way. Responsiveness for mobile and tablet devices was also a key aspect we had to consider.


    “...the WebiCMS system is intuitive and easy to use. We receive regular compliments on our website and this is largely down to the work and excellent advice of the team at Webigence.” Heather Stanley, Partner, Barrett Clark

Premium Enterprise level

Catering for the needs of large and complex enterprises is what WebiCMS is designed to do. Our programming team can look at aspects of the project, including planning, user experience, design, implementation, delivery and search engine optimisation.

The larger the project, the greater the reason why a technical team should be running the project, considering how the system will fit together, how it will communicate and interact with other systems and databases etc. You need a team that understands the full technical requirements, limitations and possibilities before you make it look good.

Suits complex requirements

The more complex the website requirements, the more we come into our own as we can tailor the system in any number of ways, and if necessary add extra features to cater for your requirements. All the WebiCMS features have been developed to be extremely flexible and can deal with a vast range of design and functionality requirements.

Handle bespoke functionality

We host over 350 websites on our CMS platform and for many years we have been able to handle any design and functionality requirements necessary from multi-lingual content to horizontally responsiveness. The technical improvement of a website or application is the core element that will continue to have the most attention and ongoing development in the future and we continually push ourselves to improve the system to handle new requests and enhance existing requirements.

Custom client configuration

We configure each and every client to have the exact functionality that is appropriate to them. We can add any modules such as eCommerce, blogs, newsletters, CRM, file management, forums and other new functionality that no-one else is offering, such as effortless image upload. Users can simply include an image and the system will ensure it is the right size and shape, the CMS will help them crop and resize where appropriate or will tell them why the image cannot be used if it is too small.

Support and Maintenance

We have a dedicated team of specialist developers and designers pushing the boundaries to constantly improve and innovate in all areas of user experience, programming and web development, specialising in ASP.NET technology. We will help scope, produce and deliver your project to a very high standard and then support you in the long term.