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Multi site CMS

Webi CMS allows you to manage multiple websites using one login, meaning you can easily look at and update all your websites.

More importantly though, Webi CMS can link up your multiple websites in a variety of ways depending on your requirements, so you may want to feature the same products across multiple sites, push news between two websites (although perhaps only certain news items), or any number of other specific requirements.

Without getting too technical or into too much detail, we also have the ability to handle complex ecommerce business requirements, so just as one example a wholesaler could upload and manage sets of products and have these automatically feed through to dealer/retailer online ordering systems, and we also then have a comprehensive range of pricing, promotional and marketing options.

One of the most powerful and compelling benefits of Webi CMS is its flexibility to manage so many different requirements, quickly and easily. We are also on hand to help you plan and implement your potentially complex content management system requirements (although we will attempt to simplify things where possible to help reduce cost and make the website simpler for the end-user, as well as then making it easier to develop the system further once you have feedback from real users).

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements further by email, live chat or telephone.