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6 SEO considerations for your Webpage Titles

Recently, we were helping one of our new design agency clients by providing some considerations, tips and pointers for them to consider when writing their Webpage Titles - and we thought, why not share the knowledge with the wider world too!

So below is some info as a guide to help with getting the most out of your webpage titles.

It's so frustrating to see a site that has been so beautifully architected, designed, and programmed and finished to such as high standard, but then not fully Search Engine Optimised (SEO)...

We like to think that Webi CMS is one of the best content management systems for SEO, and the tools we have available in Webi CMS mean you can drastically improve and enhance your search engine performance without having to pay for an SEO consultant.

In addition to adding in Webpage titles, Webi CMS features the ability to add Friendly URLs, Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, there are helpful 'hover texts' to provide users with guidance on what to write where, as well as having high quality clean HTML, and making sure all right SEO tags are included in the right places. We have the expertise to set websites up in a way so they are Search engine friendly, and our CMS has been designed so you effectively have free SEO tools at your fingertips (literally!) without you having to pay for any extra SEO consultancy.

This blog isn't to talk about enhancing SEO in general, it is more to give some more specific pointers to how you can make the most out of your webpage titles.

Out of all the SEO features in Webi CMS, and in fact out all the SEO work you could do, the Webpage titles are the single most important thing you can do to optimize your site for good performance in search engines, so it's really worth spending some time in getting your webpage titles right. However they are so often tragically neglected or forgotten about by many website owners.

So here are a few of our pointers and tips for your Webpage titles:

  1. You want to be aiming to write between 60 and 70 characters for your Webpage title. Too little and you're not using your full allocation available, and too many will mean the Keywords will be diluted.
  2. The terms that appear first in the webpage title will be given more importance, whereas the terms at the end will be given less importance when the page is indexed by the search engines.
  3. There is no need to repeat a keyword on a page where it is less relevant. For example if your design agency offers both 'videos' and 'websites' then on the Webpage title for the 'Websites' page, then you don't need to mention 'Videos' in the webpage title too.
  4. There isn't much point in having your company name in the Webpage title (unless your company name contains keywords relating to what your business is about). For example, Webigence our holding company doesn't have our company name here in our webpage title http://www.webigence.com/ and the fact we are called 'Webigence' is irrelevant for a person looking in Google for a web development company in London. If however, you do want to include your company name then make sure it is right at the end of the webpage title, not at the beginning (as mentioned above).
  5. Don't duplicate your webpage titles, as this makes it difficult to determine which page is which when they are all displayed in search engine results pages. All of your website 'pages' should be unique — so by logic, all of your 'web page titles' should also be unique.
  6. You should also try and make sure your webpage titles reflect the content of your page. So if possible the body text on the page should contain the same terms as used in your webpage title.

If you can implement the above then hopefully over time you will see some uplift in your search engine performance. Of course there are many other factors which are important in rising the search rankings but the webpage title is vitally important to get right, so we hope the above helps.