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Recent CMS website examples

We are working on new websites and enhancements to existing websites all the time, and we are really proud of the quality of websites we have running on our Webi CMS platform. We are lucky to have lots of great designers and agencies who create some beautiful and effective designs and we can then add on the content managed elements to create some really powerful and compelling websites.

So here's just a few examples of websites we have worked on recently:

World Arthritis Day

We were on a tight timeline to get this website set up, but I'm pleased to say we hit all the deadlines we had set and all parties seem to be extremely pleased with the results.

The website combines lots of different aspects, including a photo competition with voting on the website, activities of the month added on a regular basis and lots of downloadable resources.

World Arthritis Day is on October 12th and I would encourage you to visit their website and back the campaign to 'Move to Improve'.

Visit the website: www.worldarthritisday.org

World Arthritis Day website homepage


World Arthritis Day website Action Shot Gallery



We work with Superstat in a number of ways, including now powering their own website. They are able to very easily add any number of additional pages, additional menu items, documents to download, forms and create easy to navigate pages with sub-menus.

The second screenshot below shows their online ordering page, where they talk about several website products they offer as a business - and all of these are also powered by Webi CMS.

They also have a logged in members area with lots of additional features that I can't tell non-members about!

Visit their website: www.superstat.co.uk

Superstat website homepage


Superstat website Online Ordering


Katie's Cards

We have worked with the team at Katie's Cards for several years now, to help them develop a really successful ecards business, where users can sign up to become a member of the website for a small annual fee, and can then send out any number of their beautiful ecards to friends and family.

It's a complex website to content manage, but it is all taken care of using Webi CMS and the website continues to go from strength to strength.

We are just in the middle of a series of updates, so within the next few weeks the website will become even better than it is now!

Visit the website: www.katiescards.com


New Beccehamian Hockey Club

This is the first sports club related website that we have worked on, but we now hope to do many more as we know many sports clubs and associations often have very poor websites, and we would like to help them improve to better serve their members. These types of websites are normally very well suited to be content managed as there is regular need to add more content about sporting results, photo galleries, and more besides.

The New Beccs website includes the functions mentioned above, makes it very easy to add more pages, easy to content manage contact details, easy for new members to join and then receive access to the members area, and even has a Roll of Honour section where New Beccs can provide a permanent record of those members who have done very well or very badly!

Visit their website: www.newbeccshc.co.uk

New Beccehamian Hockey Club Homepage

New Beccehamian Hockey Club Membership



We also build and power websites for a number of design agencies. fc-d is one of those - we look after their own website, and we work with them on client projects too.

fc-d's own website is really very simple, they aren't trying to do anything flashy, simply show who they are and what they've done in a straight forward and easy to use website.

Visit their website: www.fc-d.com

fc-d Our work


Final words

As the above examples hopefully demonstrate, we can power all manner of websites and in almost every case the websites we produce have very specific design, branding and functionality requirements, and we are here to make sure everything is done properly and in the best possible way as we integrate with our Webi CMS platform.

If you would like an equally powerful and compelling content managed website for your organisation then get in touch and we are always happy to talk through how we could work with you.