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6 reasons to choose a (Web based) content management system

Really the title here is a bit too broad, so I will provide three sets of 6 reasons below, where we can answer a narrower and more specific question in each case.

Using a web based content management system (CMS) really should be an easy decision (the first list provides the most compelling points for CMS in general), but another question would be why to use a web based content management system rather than a non-web-based version (second list), and lastly we answer why you should use an existing CMS rather than building a bespoke system for each new website.

Why to use a content management system of any kind for your website:

  1. It provides the ability to quickly and easily update the content of the website, without any technical skills required;
  2. Update the website from anywhere, any time (actually this also applies specifically to the list below too – I didn’t say some of the points wouldn’t be repeated!);
  3. Update the meta tags (such as the webpage title) that the search engines rely on to index your website;
  4. Add advanced functionality like requiring login to reach certain pages of your site, or a contact form for people to send you messages (you could achieve this without a CMS and have a programmer create some bespoke code for your site, but it would be more expensive and require more ongoing work to maintain or change it in future);
  5. Add new pages to your website in seconds (depending on the set up of your content managed site);
  6. Have different members of your organisation quickly and easily manage different parts of the website.

Why use a web based content management system:

  1. As it’s available on the web, you can access it from anywhere and make changes to your website anywhere and any time;
  2. No software to download;
  3. There is only one copy of the content management system, so you are always using the latest version and you don’t have to worry about maintaining, patching or updating it;
  4. Related to the point above, the system is constantly evolving and you get the benefit of new and improved functionality whenever it is added to the system, to make managing your site easier and easier over time;
  5. Use on any device that runs the Internet;
  6. If you have any problems, as everyone is using exactly the same version, it is much easier to troubleshoot and fix problems as the technical team that run the CMS should be able to replicate most if not all of the same issues you are having (occasionally the reality is we still can’t replicate problems, although this is also often due to user error and/or users not being able to explain clearly exactly what they have done to cause a problem).

Why to use an existing system rather than building a bespoke one for each website:

  1. Why reinvent the wheel every time a new site is created? It simply doesn’t make sense. Any good content management system on the market has been purposefully set up to be flexible to handle many different website requirements (this is one of Webi CMS' core principles), so functions can be turned on or off to handle any requirements. The subsequent points below are a direct result of this point.
  2. It’s quicker to set up;
  3. It’s cheaper to set up;
  4. You get far more functionality, in a far more advanced and likely more user friendly interface (including things like drag and drop to make updates extremely quick and easy);
  5. If a bespoke CMS has been set up specifically for your website, it will quickly become outdated and will not receive any priority to have any updates done to it for the very reason it is only used for your site. Further, the developers who created your bespoke CMS are having to deal with multiple different versions of similar systems and just tracking and working on all those different versions is time consuming and as it’s not efficient it will end up costing them more time and money and inevitably that will be passed onto you in some way at some point;
  6. An existing CMS already has plenty more features beyond those currently set up for your website, so when you want to add further funcitonality, chances are the exact functionality already exists in the CMS and just needs turning on in the CMS (and then perhaps still coded into your website – but at least the functionality was already in your CMS and didn’t need to be added there – plus the functionality for your website, having been done elsewhere already can likely be copy/pasted to some extent to make setting it up on your website relatively quick as well).

Webi CMS satisfies all the above criteria as it is a web-based content management system, and it has plenty more besides – here’s more than 6 reasons why you should specifically choose Webi CMS' content management system for your website:

  1. Combination of highly developed system and personalised support, that you simply can’t find with any other system
  2. Any design, any functionality – and we have many examples we can show you to back this up. However, if the website is so unique in it’s requirements that it simply isn’t right for ANY content management system and is therefore more appropriate to be built as a completely bespoke system – we can guide you on this, but 90+% of websites are appropriate to use a content management system, and if not then we are able to build your bespoke system for you;
  3. Non-biased recommendation on whether CMS-driven or bespoke system would be most appropriate for you – this isn’t really the second most important point, but as it’s related to the point above, if you come to us to use Webi CMS, because we can also build a bespoke solution if it were more appropriate for you, you can be sure you will receive the best possible advice for you as to whether your site should be developed as a CMS-driven or bespoke system – as we can provide either option. Another provider who can only offer you one option is almost inevitably going to offer you a solution based on their specialisation rather than telling you that the rejecting the work and telling you you need the alternative option – we are not currently aware of any other provider who has a content management system on a par with Webi CMS, who also offers a bespoke development option;
  4. A higher level of ongoing support than any comparable system – any other system approaching the power and flexibility of Webi CMS will only provide email or ticket based support, rather than telephone or face-to-face support, unless you are paying a huge support fee;
  5. Easy to use – this is not unique to Webi CMS, but is still a good reason to use Webi CMS. We have tried all the other systems and we truly believe Webi CMS is the easiest and best system, and where if and when we find it isn’t then we strive to improve it to ensure that it is;
  6. Constantly evolving and innovating – we aren’t content following what other systems are doing (although we will watch the other systems and learn from them where we can), we have our own ideas and we want to lead the way with the best system and we are constantly adding new functionality and using all of our experience and expertise to create a better system;
  7. A consultancy service – we aren’t just there to provide a system, we are also involved as much as necessary to help define the project, and in most if not all cases, to work out exactly the best way to set up Webi CMS and your website in the best way for your specific requirements.