We offer other digital services too


Web development

WebiCMS is a flexible content management system that can cater for any requirements and any functionality suiting both bespoke high quality level Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as well as simpler design led websites.



There are many key facets to eCommerce, and we can guide you through them and create an effective solution geared to your requirements.

Email newsletters

We can provide a number of options such as allowing people to sign up to your mailing list via your website, exporting to your existing newsletter system or creating your own HTML templates (or have your designer/agency create some stylish and reusable templates) to send multiple newsletters. You’ll also be able to easily import and manage your contact lists, set up custom groups, and add a 'join our mailing list' option on your website. As well as track the success of your newsletters and see exactly who has viewed your newsletters.

Webi multi-site

Working across all design and functionality requests, we can create a bespoke template that can then be cloned effortlessly and infinitely.

This product can be used in any situation where you want to have multiple websites following a consistent template and a consistent look and feel.


User experience

User experience design takes place before the website itself is designed, and invariably involves the production of a set of wireframes showing the structure and layout of the new website. The website design phase will subsequently involve making these wireframes look aesthetically pleasing and branded to the clients specification.