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New web browsers released - Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Is this something to get excited about?

The simple answer is Yes! (if you’re into this sort of thing anyway!)

The main thing we have noticed about the last couple of Firefox releases (3.6 and 4) are they are much less of a memory hog on your computer compared to the previous versions – this is good as it was the only fault with Firefox that we have ever had, which moved it back ahead of Google Chrome in our eyes.

Does anyone actually like Internet Explorer (any of their numerous versions)? If they do it’s only because they’ve never tried out Firefox or Chrome, because certainly before IE9, the previous versions of Internet Explorer have been really quite poor compared to the other browsers.

Apparently Microsoft has finally upped their game and IE9 should be significantly better than previous versions, it has better HTML standards support, runs faster and has several other new features that you’re welcome to read up about in their release notes if you want to.

The most notable change from our perspective is that IE9 will support HTML5 and CSS3, as will Firefox 4 (Google Chrome already supported both), so as long as you have upgraded to the latest version of any of these three browsers then you are all set for a bright future of more fancy websites. The difficulty we will continue to face though is how we support all the latest fancy technology (HTML5 etc) but still cater for those users who continue to use IE6 and other lesser and outdated browsers.

So if you haven't already, in particular I would recommend following the link below to download the latest version of Firefox: