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10 reasons why a design agency should work with Webi CMS

Whether you would consider yourself a web designer, a design agency, digital or marketing agency, the same list below is just as applicable:

  1. Specialists in programming and nothing else, so you know you are getting a team who spend all their time developing and learning about everything there is about that one subject;
  2. When clients come direct to us who need design work done we put the client in touch with whichever design agency partner has the most relevant previous experience that would be appropriate in each case for their project.
  3. Many years experience working with design agencies, and the majority of our work is done this way. We enjoy working in this way as we can focus on developing Webi CMS and not have to deal with as many client queries as you manage your clients and let us know if/when there’s any technical questions or problems that you can’t answer;
  4. White-labelled and branded as your system, whether you tell a particular client about us or keep it all under your banner (that choice is entirely up to you on a case-by-case basis), all your clients will use your branded version of the system;
  5. Any design, any functionality, quite simply you can have the confidence to take on any client project and any request, safe in the knowledge we can set it up for you;
  6. More support throughout a project lifecycle than any other comparable system could provide you with, meaning we are there to provide you with whatever technical and developmental help you need. Whether that means making suggestions as to what functionality you might suggest the client includes at the very beginning and before even winning a pitch, visiting the client with you (more appropriate for larger projects), writing a technical specification, providing detailed costings, working out how to best put together the website functionality, doing all the programming integration, basically we are there for you;
  7. Probably the best partnership and revenue sharing model of any CMS – it would be unjust of us to say we have the absolute best revenue model given we haven’t reviewed every system on the market (there are lots of small systems out there for instance), but of all the systems we are currently aware of, we offer a better (and we would say fairer) model. Quite simply, we go 50:50 with you on all ongoing monthly support and hosting fees, meaning we can both generate significant long term revenue earning potential, and given we are completely in partnership with you, 50:50 just feels the right way to go about it as we see us as equal partners both serving your clients for the long term. Furthermore, you decide what the monthly fees should be for each client, as we understand that you will have some clients who are on really tight budgets and you need to squeeze all costs in order to win the business, whereas in other cases either you know the client will be happy to pay more, or quite simply you know they will require lots of support and therefore they should be paying a higher monthly fee – in theory each end of the spectrum balances out the other and means you have the flexibility to pitch for any and all work no matter the budget constraints. The only caveat here is that we do still have minimum fees for each type of Webi CMS system as we have the experience to know what the minimum amount is to ensure both you and us are charging enough that we can afford to effectively support your clients;
  8. We can meet you in person, or talk to you over the phone, as much as you need rather than a ticketing system or email only support;
  9. Our Webi CMS content management system is simply better than any other system on the market, particularly when it comes to the sorts of requirements you as a designer have of such a system. You are wanting to add value with your design services (as you should, and that is what will give the client a website that really fits their branding and their purpose), and hence you need a system that easily adapts to every websites’ slight nuances and different content management requirements. As we predominantly work with design agencies rather than simply providing a bunch of templates for end-clients to select, we have learned and evolved the system over many years (and we continue to do so as the web is an ever changing beast) to cater for exactly your sorts of requirements;
  10. Always catering for latest design/web innovations. Given our relatively small size, coupled with the fact we have developed our system completely in-house from scratch, we can quickly and nimbly add new functionality to cater for the latest changes on the web, which is a good thing given how quickly changes are happening on the web, and given those changes are only likely to happen faster and faster in the future (for instance HTML5 is just around the corner and we can cater for it already).

Read more, or get in touch with us, on our content management system for designers/design agencies page.