About Webi CMS Content Management System

WebiCMS came into existence in 2004, when there were far fewer website content management systems (CMS) available. More importantly, most of the CMS platforms were based on inflexible templates and we saw a gap in the market to provide a simple content management system that would work with any design and would be able to handle any functionality.

We have stayed true to that guiding principle continuing to add more flexibility to handle a wider range of functionality and ensuring the system remains powerful.

What sets us apart from other CMS systems (both commercial and particularly open source) is the level of support we provide to all our customers. We meet with you, discuss your requirements directly, and help you build a website that is geared towards your exact requirements.

WebiCMS is owned and run by Webigence Ltd, who are a web development company based in London, and WebiCMS powers the majority of websites that Webigence develops.

If Webi CMS actually isn’t the best solution, then we won’t try to force it on you, we can also develop completely bespoke systems.

Meet the team

Unlike other CMS systems we're not a faceless product, we are a team of real people consisting of ASP.NET programmers, front-end developers, and User Experience designers. Meet our team members below:

team member

Simon - Technical lead

With over 12 years experience as a programmer and having setup and run Webigence for 10 years, Simon is knowledgeable and approachable with a great way of explaining things so that everyone can understand.

team member

Edward - User Experience Lead

With 5 years experience in UX design, Ed is certified at an advance level using Axure (the leading UX industry standard in interactive wireframe software).

team member

Stefan - Senior Web Developer

Stefan has worked at Webigence for more than 8 years and now runs several projects single-handedly specialising in eCommerce and payment service provider integration.

team member

Ko Ko - Senior Web Developer

Ko Ko has worked at Webigence for more than 6 years and had developed into a gifted developer who embraces the latest technologies and specialises in content management and eCommerce.

team member

Natalie - Senior Account Manager

With 6 years of Project and Account management experience, Natalie has worked across a wide range of clients, from the NHS to Barclays. Natalie will be responsible for the day-to-day project management and client service needs.

team member

Fikri - Web Developer

Fikri loves programming challenges as well as working out. He believes that consistency, dedication and hard work are his main strengths and spends most of the time with coding and training at the gym.

team member

Dakshal - Web Developer

Working for Webigence has given Dakshal experience in various programming languages. Having worked in different projects he enjoys facing technical challanges and being logical.

team member

Gamal - Web Developer

Passionate about programming, web development, and technical problem solving, Gamal is a keen learner, always striving to explore new ideas. He also loves football, both playing and watching.

team member

Junior - Front End Developer

From a design engineering background, Junior jumped into website development and never looked back. Junior has proven himself capable of tackling any issue with imagination and creativity.

team member

Iris - Junior Web Developer

Iris enjoys good web development and good music. The ability to solve difficult programming issues is always rewarding and the more difficult the better.

team member

Cathy - Junior Web Developer

Cathy enjoys logical problem solving while having creative interests and her strength lies in working together with others. She also likes constantly learning about new advances in technology.

Client Testimonials

  • "Webigence created a website that exceeds any of our competitors in terms of design and functionality. The team at Webigence listened to our business needs and created the flow of the site to suit our customers. We could not be more pleased with the final site or the service we experienced from Webigence..."

    Nicci Price

    London Entertains

    “...the WebiCMS system is intuitive and easy to use. We receive regular compliments on our website and this is largely down to the work and excellent advice of the team at Webigence.”

    Barrett Clark Recruitment

    Recruitment agency
  • “I found the back office management system of WebiCMS easy to understand and the integration with our own data system here on our server means that we have ultimate control over the data, which uploads overnight to reflect data changes on our database. The architecture of the CMS is also very clever…”

    Jonathan Rhodes

    Westminster Adult Education Service

    “I feel confident that the new site not only looks good, but that it is based on the solid and secure infrastructure of WebiCMS, with predictable and improved performance. I am already planning the next set of functional enhancements, confident that the new site has sound foundations.”

    Andy Hayler

    Famous food critic