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Webi CMS is a simple CMS

Webi CMS is a simple CMS (content management system), for both web designers and website owners (companies using Webi CMS to content manage their website). More details on each user type below:

Simple CMS for web designers

We provide a comprehensive programming service for web designers and design/marketing agencies, and it's a simple process in particular because the designer/design agency doesn't have to do any more than they would normally do - i.e. create and provide the design - we then do everything else to get the content managed website set up.

Furthermore, we have a personal relationship with each designer and can provide tips, support, guidance and suggestions prior to and during the design process, so it's very much a collaborative effort.

For more details, read our blog post 10 reasons why a design agency should work with Webi CMS. You can also find more details (and you can sign up and get in touch with us) on our cms for designer/design agency page.

Simple CMS for website owners

For companies who are using Webi CMS to content manage their website, the whole process is simple for the following reasons:

  1. We can work with your existing designer/design agency, or we can recommend a designer appropriate to your requirements, industry and general style;
  2. We work with the website owner and their design agency to plan the whole process of setting up their website - to ensure the best possible end product - so the website owner can simply tell the design agency and us what they want, and we can help both parties refine what is required and suggest the best ways to structure the website;
  3. Clearly we know the Webi CMS content management system inside out (given we created it from scratch and continue to develop and evolve it on a daily basis), so once we have understood the website requirements, we decide and we implement the most appropriate set of features and modules in the system - so once we hand the system over to the website owner to test and input their data and content, it will have only the applicable features visible in the system for the website owner to use;
  4. The Webi CMS system has been set up specifically to be easy to navigate and simple to use, and having seen and tested many/most other content management systems we are sure we have one of the simplest and intuitive systems on the market;
  5. We are on hand on an ongoing basis to provide training, help and advice to the design agency and the website owners - the design agency will also be trained and experienced with using the Webi CMS system so they can be on hand as often as the website owner needs to help with any questions.

If you would like to read more reasons for working with Webi CMS, or to sign up and get in touch with us, take a look at our "I need a website" page.