We offer other digital services too


Web development

We can provide custom development into a WebiCMS powered website, for example to add additional features within the CMS or to integrate with other systems. Really if the base requirement is a content managed site (i.e. if it's appropriate to use WebiCMS as the base platform) then just about any bespoke programming on top is possible.

Having developed WebiCMS over many years from scratch, and having developed it with custom development and custom requirements in mind from the outset, the system is very well geared up to custom requirements and custom additions where needed.


ASP.NET programming

WebiCMS is itself a great example of our abilities to build a flexible, robust and secure ASP.NET powered platform, and ASP.NET programming is at the core of the company (Webigence) behind WebiCMS.

Our main focus these days is on ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework Code First web applications, either (and where appropriate) powered by WebiCMS but also building bespoke standalone systems with their own custom admin system where requirements of very specific and very unique and wouldn't benefit from using an off the shelt content management system.


Front end development

Working with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript it's possible to create powerful and effective user interfaces that work responsively across all devices. It's absolutely vital that the front end development is coded to a high standard to enable pixel perfect matching the visual design, as well as to consider how to adapt and translate designs for different sized devices.

We also work with a range of Javascript libraries including jQuery, Knockout.js, Backbone.js and Angular.js. We can also code native Javascript where needed.


System integrations

There are now countless great software systems and software as a service (SaaS) websites on the market that can help us all be more effective in our day to day business lives, but taking full advantage of these systems requires seamless and comprehensive integrations - sometimes these are straight forward, other times they can be more complicated or require a great deal of planning and discussions to ensure they are setup correctly.

We have integrated with almost every payment service provider in the UK market for a variety of ecommerce requirements, as well as countless other back office and SaaS systems including the likes of QuickBooks and Salesforce.

Whether we've worked with and integrated these systems in the past, we can work with just about any system so long as it has the capability to communicate with other systems. WebiCMS itself has an API with a growing number of methods and we can link to other systems using their APIs, web services and other methods.