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What do you need your Email newsletters to do?

We can provide a number of options such as allowing people to sign up to your mailing list via your website, exporting to your existing newsletter system or creating your own HTML templates (or have your designer/agency create some stylish and reusable templates) to send multiple newsletters. You’ll also be able to easily import and manage your contact lists, set up custom groups, and add a 'join our mailing list' option on your website. As well as track the success of your newsletters and see exactly who has viewed your newsletters.


Building newsletters

Sending email newsletters involves two core technical tasks, firstly to build the newsletter HTML, and second to actually broadcast the newsletter. We can offer one or both of these services to a high standard. If your requirements are relatively straightforward however, then another simpler system may well be a more appropriate option for your budget and functional requirements. Where we excel is in providing the build and/or broadcasting where requirements are more specific, tailored, unique and likely to also require custom development to be added.


Built differently considering mobiles and tablets

Email newsletter HTML has to be built in a completely different way to the latest standards HTML that we build for modern web browsers. With the growing importance in mobiles and tablets, consideration must be given to how email newsletters will look on these devices and there are methods that can be employed to adjust the display of emails appropriately. This is a relatively new concept but is certainly also an important one. To keep up to date with what is new in the website world we would encourage you to sign up to our newsletter.


Broadcasting (sending) email newsletters

'Properly' broadcasting an email newsletter requires a system that has been specifically programmed for the task, it can't be done directly in Outlook or any other standard email software. Our broadcasting software sits within our WebiCMS platform, enabling creation or selection of email newsletter templates, selecting full or segmented parts of mailing lists, adding bespoke subject lines and content. We can provide the most differentiation compared to the standard newsletter systems that do not integrate with your other website requirements to such an extent as sometimes templates are specifically built to link in with other CMS content such as ecommerce products, or news/blog headlines.

We ensure the servers are not listed on blacklist servers, that stats and unsubscribes are tracked and easy to use reports presented back to the user providing displayed and downloadable actionable statistics.