One of the most intuitive, flexible and stress-free content management systems available.

We are a team of real people who are ASP.NET web specialists

We offer experience in more than just programming. There are many aspects to making a sucessful website, including User Experience, Design, System integration, Responsivness for Mobile and Tablets, Database performance tuning as well as Email newsletters and Blogs. 

WebiCMS is owned and run by Webigence Ltd - a web development company based in London, and WebiCMS powers the majority of websites that Webigence develops. Webigence can also develop completely bespoke systems - so you know we will only be recommending you use Webi CMS if it really is appropriate and right for you.

Why is Webigence well placed?

With over 11 years experience of having run internal and external web projects of varying scope we have created this product to be a top of the range content management system at a middle of the range price.

We don't just hand over the system and leave you to learn how to set up a website and then separately have to learn how to use it, we set up everything for you, mostly in conjunction with the web designer who has designed your website.

Technical Expertise

The larger and more complex the project, the more we love to get involved. How the system will fit together, how it will communicate and interact with other systems, how to best build and structure the system, the interface, the database(s) and many other aspects are what we are specialists in and can advise you on the best practice. All these aspects have to be handled by a team that understand the full technical requirements, limitations and possibilities.