One of the most intuitive, flexible and stress-free content management systems available.

WebiCMS is a great choice for your industry

We are keen to work with industry experts to create specially tailored, pre-packaged solutions, specific to an industry.

We have two systems in place already and more in the pipeline in partnership with some of our design agency partners and there are so many possibilities for industry specific niches and it can handle things like multi-lingual content.

Contact us for more information and to chat through your requirements. 


Similar features can be cloned

WebiCMS is ideal for anything that involves a group of organisations that use a similar set of website features.

If you want to have multiple websites that follow a consistent design and set functionality we can create a template and clone it effortlessly and as many times as you would like.

Some clients we have done this successfully for are Superstat (Orderstore) and Trussell Trust (Foodbanks).

There are many possibilities for industry specific niches

Much of WebiCMS’s existing features can be used across all niche industries, but we can then develop these further to create a highly customisable and specific product for your targeted niche.

Some niches we have worked with and built include: